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“The new vehicle inspection from Auto Analysts was well worth the money. I recently bought a car from the “#1 Car Dealership in the Country”, but I saw the dealership's guarantee of a measly one-month warranty as a sign that they do not actually trust the quality of the vehicles they sell, so I scheduled a vehicle inspection with Auto Analysts to take advantage of the dealer’s one-month warranty. Auto Analysts found a few things wrong with the car, particularly a leaking seal and a lose tie rod, both of which the dealership could have noticed by thorougly inspecting the vehicle. In order to replace the tie rod, the dealership said they had to replace the entire steering rack. Without the $129 Auto Analysts new vehicle inspection I would have failed to take advantage of the one-month warranty, and would have had to eventually come up with well over $1,000 to fix a car that the “#1 Car Dealership in the Country” claimed was a quality product. The Auto Analysts full new car inspection saved me at least $900+ in vehicle repair, and many more headaches. I would definitely recommend Auto Analysts to a friend, family member, or co-worker…and I have.”

S. Dickens, Raleigh , NC

We use Auto Analysts for our fleet trucks and could not be happier with the convenience and service. The professionalism and experience is unsurpassed. After over three years of using Auto Analysts we have never had a problem re-occur nor had any major difficulty with our trucks. We have trucks with hundreds of thousands of miles on them that have remained reliable thanks to Auto Analysts. As a manager for C Q and dealing with so many shops in the area, I have to say there is no one I would recommend more than Auto Analysts. Dealing with Auto Analysts is as comfortable and trustworthy as dealing with family. I must add we had an experience with a few other shops that had a truck of ours at least three times a piece and the problems kept re-occurring. I gave Chris with Auto Analysts a shot at making the repairs and he not only fixed it right the first time, he charged less and the problems never re-occurred. Our haunted trucks became reliable to drive.

Thanks for everything. C Q in Wake Forest, NC


Thank you so much for fixing my flat tire on I-540 a few weeks ago. I've been telling everyone about you and your business and I even posted one of your cards at work. Enjoy dinner on me with the gift card and thanks again.

Betsy, Wendell, NC

I would like to recommend Auto Analysts Inc. for any service that you may require on your vehicle be it domestic or foreign. I have used Chris on several occasions, ranging from oil changes to brake jobs and he was always punctual and exacting in his work. He obviously has a lot of experience and is very professional in how he attacks a problem. I currently have a 99 Volvo wagon and a 2001 Dodge minivan. To get either one serviced, I just make a call and pay the bill. It's as easy as that. At work or home Chris comes to me and I can do whatever I have to without any inconvenience. Thanks Chris.

Mr. Wilkerson, Durham, NC