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Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspections

Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspections

A Pre-Purchase inspection by a certified, trusted technician with a thorough checklist can Diagnosticsx350ensure the quality of your next purchase. When you ask Auto Analysts " can I trust this car" you ask the professionals to do a thorough inspections of your next investment. Only Auto Analysts can give you the confidence you are investing in a quality product that will not cost you and arm and a leg , as well as major repair cost in the future. Combined with a history report, a quality pre-purchase inspection will ensure that your dream vehicle will not turn ito a lemon.

See our checklist below to learn more about what we inspect...

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Inspect a Used Vehicle Before You Purchase

If you like the car and it is in good condition, negotiate the price subject to the inspection of a professional mechanic. At this point you can enlist an Auto Analysts professional mechanic to give his/her inspection of the condition of the car. The mechanic's inspection will cover the fluids, brakes, electrical systems, cooling system, suspension, engine/exhaust, HVAC, tires, and body. The mechanic will scan the car's various computers for trouble codes and test drive the vehicle. Should the mechanic discover any problems, he can estimate repair costs and you can use these for further negotiations with the seller. This way you can have complete peace of mind about the car you are buying.

See our checklist below to learn more about what we inspect...

Out of state? Don't waste time you can never get back going to see a car you wouldn't "buy anywhere". Call us and we will check it for you. We will even supply current photos.

Sell Your Used Vehicle Faster and for more by Offering a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Certification to a Buyer

Potential buyers appreciate knowing that a used car has been thoroughly inspected. They can feel reassured that they are purchasing a reliable used vehicle. Auto Analysts will put your vehicle through a rigorous inspection and testing process.

Saving Money on Future Auto Repairs with an inspection from Auto Analysts

Most pre-owned vehicles that have not been inspected by Auto Analysts Inc. will have Repair2defects that the average person will not be aware of based on a test drive or even five days of driving a vehicle. There are ways to hide minor and sometimes even major problems from the average buyer.

Auto Analysts Inc. has technicians that are well trained to find these cover-ups as well as any defect the vehicle may have and help assure that you know everything before you buy. In most cases when you have Auto Analyst, inc inspect a vehicle the seller will either fix the problems we find before you buy or give you money off the car to pay for the repair cost. It's like buying a pre-owned vehicle and having it fixed for free, rather than paying for repairs that are needed later.

Most car buyers focus on the monthly payment and their ability to make that payment. What happens when you experience a major repair cost shortly after buying the vehicle? We are here to help you avoid such worries and take the guess work out of your next pre-owned vehicle purchase.

Auto Analysts Inspection Checklist

Transmission & Drive Train

CV boots
Drive axles
Drive shafts
Transfer case


Sludge / buildup
Internal bore scope inspection
Fuel system
Turbo / supercharger performance
Ignition system
Hybrid systems
Exhaust system
Induction system
Timing components
All systems are checked for trouble codes

VIN Verification

Make sure VIN matches the vehicle and all major marked components have matching VIN.

Interior Condition

Exterior Condition – signs of body repair.

Any Signs of Accident Repair - under carriage inspection

Steering System & Components

Steering gear
Rack & pinion
Signs of leaks / performance concerns
Control arms
Wheel bearings
Ball joints
Tie rods


Master cylinder
Wheel cylinders
ABS system / performance

Clutch and Hydraulic Systems

Charging / Starting / Theft Systems


Accessories / Safety Systems

Wiper blades
Seat belts
Air bags
Windows (motors and regulators)
All lights & signals
Audio system
Navigation systems

Climate Control Systems

Air conditioning
All subsystems

Cooling System

Pressure test