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I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler which started having issues with its electricals 2 years ago. Since then the car has gone for at least 8 visits to the dealer and I have spent over $ 1k in an attempt to diagnose the issue. The authorized dealer suggested various ways of fixing the problem- including stripping out a dealer installed auto-start kit (which was installed at significant cost) and a change out of the "main control unit". None of this fixed the problem and the issue continued until I had the vehicle looked at by Chris at Auto Analysts. It took him an hour to research the issue and come over and fix it at my doorstep. The expertise and the customer oriented service I have received is far above any garage that I have dealt with in the decades of driving and owning a car. I just wonder how dealerships continue to get away with substandard service at high charge out rates.

Thanks very much Chris.

Ash Noah


Mr. John Anderson, Designer