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Mobile Auto Repair Services

MRepair2obile Auto Repair Services

Auto Analysts Inc. provides service for both foreign and domestic vehicles.

We come to you! We can inspect, repair or service your car or truck in your driveway or
office parking lot.

We offer convenient appointments that fit your busy schedule.


Call (919) 524-2087 to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our mobile repair services.

ASE Certified Technicians


Pre-owned vehicle inspections
Factory scheduled maintenance
Major repairs
Pre-purchase vehicle certifications
Service you can trust!


We come to you!

We can inspect, repair or service your car or truck at home or at work!

Diagnosticsx350We can repair most vehicles under extended warranties. No more hassles with the dealer!
ASE Certified Technicians - Service you can trust!

ASE stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It is a very comprehensive means of testing technicians in the areas of automotive and truck repair, collision repairing and refinishing, engine machinists, and parts specialists. The testing is voluntary and certification has been accepted as the benchmark for competency on the job.

New questions are written, discussed, adjusted, corrected, discussed some more, until an accurate set of questions and answers are completed. These are real world, on the job skill questions, that are very representative of a technician's knowledge of specific tasks.

To remain certified, technicians must be re-tested every five years, and approximately one out of three fail. Technicians that pass all of the exams in a specialty area earn ASE Master Technician status; automobile technicians, for example, must pass a minimum of eight exams to be considered a Master Technician.

Next time you see a technician displaying the blue ASE patch, appreciate how much goes into getting that certification.

We can repair your vehicle under most extended warranties.

Chances are if you purchased an extended warranty from a dealer we can cover it. All we need is your original warranty contract and we will handle the rest. Imagine having a problem under your warranty coverage and all you have to do is make one simple call to Auto Analysts Inc. We will diagnose the problem and handle getting you covered fast. No need to drive to a shop and hassle with the warranty company. We will make it easy.
Our ASE certified master technicians will have you up and running in no time.

Worried about voiding your factory warranty?

With factory trained and ASE certified technicians that use only high quality parts at affordable prices, you can rest assured every repair or maintenance item that we perform will in no way violate or void your factory warranty. We guarantee it.

Save about 20-30% over the dealer on your factory scheduled maintenance and retain your factory warranty.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Auto Analysts Inc. can provide you with complete convenience by having all of your factory scheduled maintenance performed on site, any time, anywhere. Save about 20-30% over the dealer on your factory scheduled maintenance and retain your factory warranty.

Rather than wasting time running around to have your vehicle serviced, wouldn’t life be better having to make just one call? Give us a call and find out how easy and affordable our service can be. We have complete and up to date factory scheduled maintenance recommended by every manufacturer for every vehicle made. Upon request we will even send you a copy if you would like to keep up with the maintenance by your own schedule! Whether you own an import or domestic we have you covered.